Sleep Guide For Pregnancy

 Being able to sleep well is important for every woman. There are many reasons why women find it difficult to sleep well. But most of them have no idea how to cure this problem. You need to know the tips that can help you get the best night's sleep during pregnancy. The following tips can surely help you have a peaceful sleep at night:

* Maintain the correct posture while sleeping: While pregnant, you have to make sure that your back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are all in the right positions. Do not slouch and do not bend the knees while sleeping. Doing such exercise can cause problems for the baby and also make the pregnancy uncomfortable. Exercises like kegel exercises and deep pelvic floor muscle massage can help in relaxing the muscles and help you sleep well.

* Maintain proper sleep habits: While you sleep, you tend to relax and dream. If you don't have the sleep guide, then you will have trouble sleeping at night. Have a light snack and take your vitamins after your meal. If you have problems sleeping, then you can go for counseling or ask your doctor about it.

* Avoid caffeine and alcohol: You should avoid taking coffee, soft drinks and any other beverages that contain caffeine. They will keep you awake and disturb your sleep. Alcohol can cause irregular breathing and this can wake you up at night. Caffeine can make you feel nervous and excitable which can also affect your sleep as well. It is advised that you stay away from beverages like colas and chocolates as they will only make you feel sleepy.

* Listen to your body: Getting to know your body rhythms like your melatonin and temperature can help you regulate your sleep. Your sleep guide will tell you how to set your alarm and when should you get up. A good sleep regimen combined with relaxation can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Avoid taking in caffeine, tobacco and alcohol before bedtime. You can also try mild herbal tea, warm milk and relaxing music before going to sleep.

* Take care of stress: Tension is the biggest culprit that keeps you from getting to sleep at night. Try to relax and do some breathing exercises. Yoga and meditation will help you unwind. Soothing your senses will also put you in a better mood for sleep. Make sure that there is nothing too loud in your bedroom and you are well-rested.


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