Smoking in Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is one of the most harmful things a pregnant woman can do. Many pregnant women have lost their lives from smoking-related complications. Smoking in pregnancy not only causes many harmful effects on pregnancy and reproduction, but also the general mental and physical health consequences of tobacco. In fact, smoking while pregnant has been known to cause the development of mental disorders and even the death of the fetus itself.

Smoking in Pregnancy may affect the baby in many ways. The risk of having low birth weight babies is very high for those that smoke while pregnant. These babies have been proven to be born with lower weights than those that were born to mothers who did not smoke at all. Other risks associated with smoking while pregnant include delayed closure of the birth canal, preterm birth, placenta abruption, low birth weight babies, problems related to possible infections, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. These are just some of the complications that may arise if you continue to smoke during pregnancy.

Not all people who smoke while pregnant are aware of the dangers of doing so. Many pregnant people who smoke underestimate the danger of smoking to their babies. They usually think that they can control their bodies and won't get addicted to smoking. However, there are other things happening inside the body when a person smokes during pregnancy. The placenta of a smoker can become disorganized due to nicotine, which can harm the baby in several ways. The nicotine in cigarette smoke can also affect the growth of the child.

There are some very scary facts about the health risks involved when a pregnant woman smokes. For instance, did you know that smoking has been proven to increase the risk of a miscarriage as well as premature birth? Both of these happen because nicotine damages the sperm, which can lead to conditions such as stillbirth or birth defects. Also, quitting smoking immediately can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, asthma, or preeclampsia.

Smoking during pregnancy has also been found to increase the risk of premature birth. Premature birth is defined as a birth before the 37th week of pregnancy. This happens when the baby arrives earlier than the expected time. In many cases, it also occurs when the mother has given birth to a stillborn infant. Smoking can lower the chances of both of these occurring because it decreases the chances of the baby being born before its full term. It also decreases the chances of the mother having a vaginal delivery, which is considered to be one of the leading causes of death for infants in the United States.

Nicotine, which is found in cigarettes, has also been shown to cause changes in the placenta and fetal circulation. When babies are born with low birth weights, smoking during pregnancy is often the reason. In addition, smokers tend to be more impatient and have lower attention spans than non-smokers, which can also affect the development of their babies. New studies have shown that there may even be an increased risk of developmental delays in the children of women who smoke during pregnancy.


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